RAMP Training for Sellers and Servers


RAMP Training – this website and online training program were not created by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB), however, this course has the approval of the PLCB as a valid curriculum for the RAMP, server/seller training and is provided by ACE Food Handler.

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PLCB (Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board) recognizes the effects of alcohol on public peace and individual behavior. For this reason, the PLCB (Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board), state departments and employers require workers to take an alcohol seller server course. You can get your RAMP Server Seller Training by completing our Pennsylvania state-approved RAMP alcohol seller and server training program that shows you the rigors of alcohol sales and service, and provides you with the techniques you need to protect you and your employers from alcohol-related liabilities and administrative actions. You can get your RAMP alcohol seller sever training online with ACE Food Handlers quality state-specific alcohol seller/server courses. .

ACE Food Handler Alcohol courses will help you build your competency in liquor sales and service. Simply click on the link to the Pennsylvania RAMP seller server training and you will be directed to a Pennsylvania RAMP seller server state-specific course. Complete your purchase and you can start your course access right away. You can take the course at your convenience — you even have the option to finish the course within a day or a week. .

Receive your alcohol certificate upon completing the course. We will report your course credit to the PLCB (Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board) RAMP  Training Division as soon as you pass the final exam.


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RAMP Training for Sellers and Servers

RAMP Training for Servers Sellers

 The course has the approval of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board as a valid curriculum for their RAMP server/seller training and is provided by ACE Food Handler.

RAMP Certification

.This course introduces the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board’s, Responsible Alcohol Management Program (RAMP), and it’s roles in promoting safe and responsible alcohol service in Pennsylvania.

This course identifies the importance of laws, house policies, and various types of liabilities, and the duties that come with each of these. Alcohol and its effect on the body — mentally and physically — are covered in this course, as are the warning signs of intoxication.


Course content 

  • Introduction
  • Your responsibilities & obligations as a server or seller of alcohol
  • Alcohol and its effects on the body and community
  • Alcohol related laws, regulations & consequences
  • Checking identification
  • Strategies for preventing intoxication
  • Managing confrontational situations, refusing sales, documenting incidents
  • Sources of further information & support

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RAMP Training: Ensuring Responsible Alcohol Service in Pennsylvania

Ramp Training In the bustling world of bars, restaurants, and liquor stores, ensuring responsible alcohol service is paramount. The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) recognizes this need and has implemented the Responsible Alcohol Management Program (RAMP). Let’s dive into what RAMP Training entails and why it matters for sellers and servers of alcohol in the Keystone State.

What is RAMP Training?

RAMP Training is a comprehensive program designed to educate alcohol service personnel on the policies and regulations set forth by the PLCB. It covers essential topics related to safe alcohol handling, customer interactions, and legal compliance. The program consists of two core training components:

  1. Owner/Manager Training:
    • Who It’s For: Owners and managers responsible for daily operations and establishment policies.
    • Requirements: Newly approved managers must complete this training within 180 days of their appointment. Subsequent renewals occur every two years.
    • Formats: Classroom (initial enrollment), virtual, or online (no instructor).
  2. Server/Seller Training:
    • Who It’s For: All alcohol service staff, including bartenders, waiters, beer distributors, bouncers, and more.
    • Mandatory Timeline: Employees hired on or after August 8, 2016, must complete RAMP server/seller training within six months of employment.
    • Renewals: Retraining is required before the current certification expires.
    • Special Cases: Cashiers selling wine with a wine expanded permit must also undergo this training.

Why RAMP Training Matters

1. Legal Compliance

Pennsylvania’s Liquor Code mandates that anyone serving or selling alcoholic beverages must complete RAMP server/seller training. This includes checking IDs, handling transactions, and ensuring responsible alcohol consumption. Non-compliance can lead to penalties and jeopardize a licensee’s business.

2. Enhanced Customer Safety

RAMP equips alcohol service personnel with vital knowledge:

  • ID Verification: Properly checking IDs to prevent underage sales.
  • Intoxication Awareness: Identifying signs of intoxication and preventing overconsumption.
  • Conflict Resolution: Handling difficult situations with tact and professionalism.

3. Preventing Liability Issues

By adhering to RAMP guidelines, sellers and servers minimize the risk of legal disputes and liability claims. Responsible alcohol service reduces the chances of accidents, fights, and other incidents on licensed premises.

4. Boosting Reputation

Businesses that prioritize RAMP Training demonstrate commitment to community safety. Customers appreciate responsible establishments, leading to positive reviews, repeat business, and a solid reputation.

How to Get RAMP Certified

  1. Choose an Approved Provider: RAMP server/seller training is available online through approved providers or in scheduled classroom sessions.
  2. Complete the Course: Learn about Pennsylvania’s alcohol laws, customer interactions, and best practices.
  3. Pass the Exam: Successfully complete the training and pass the certification exam.
  4. Stay Current: Retrain before your certification expires to maintain compliance.


RAMP Training isn’t just a requirement; it’s an investment in safer communities, better customer experiences, and legal protection. Whether you’re a bartender, manager, or cashier, embrace RAMP and contribute to responsible alcohol service in the State of Pennsylvania. Cheers to a safer and more enjoyable drinking experience! 🍻

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RAMP Training

RAMP Training

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RAMP Training Sellers and Servers

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