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Chicago Illinois Food Handler Training Certificate Program

Upon completion of the Illinois Food Handler course and passing the exam, you will immediately receive the downloadable official certificate. The Chicago Illinois Food Handler Certificate is required for those individuals that work in restaurants and other non-restaurant facilities such as nursing homes, licensed day care homes and facilities, hospitals, schools, and long-term care facilities. There are no quizzes in this course, just a final exam. The exam pass rate is 75%. t the Illinois Food Handler Certificate and if you’re required to take it? Click here to learn more.


Restaurant Communication Skills

Effective communication skills are extremely important for a bartender. You have to frequently communicate with customers to greet them and take their orders. Effective communication skills will help you maintain a friendly atmosphere in the bar. Moreover, you should also be a good listener. Pay attention to what the customers are saying and try to remember the details of their orders.


As a bartender, you’ll often find yourself multitasking. You should be ready to handle multiple tasks in tandem. You may have to prepare drinks, suggest suitable drink choices, chat with them and take money from customers. You should be mentally prepared to face challenges and handle tasks without losing your composure. Be quick with tasks, but you also need to be calm to avoid any mistake.

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