Remember when that was one of the biggest buzz words in the restaurant world.

How do we make the change from the instinct to engage and have those “table touches” to still wanting to engage with the customer/guest but also maintain our social distance?ACE Food Handler - Group Of Friends Sitting At Table In Restaurant Enjoying Meal Together

What kind of body language or nonverbal indicators are we going to be looking for to know

  1. If it is ok to approach that table and engage in some small talk


  1. If we should avoid that table because they don’t want that kind of contact in these COVID days?


We do not have a playbook or training program for that. We all want to be friendly, bubbly, outgoing and make sure the guests feel welcomed and that they are having a good time……

But where does that basic hospitality instinct give way to, I have to avoid getting to close to that table because they don’t feel safe?

I am the food safety guy and not a psychologist, but I have managed restaurants for many years and this new environment is going to be difficult to navigate from the FOH.

I think as an industry we have put as many safety measures in place that current science has come up with and we are all striving to follow the CDC Guidance and we should.

But now we find ourselves dealing with the really hard part, the part that we cannot predict or ever really understand.

What is going to make the consumer happy and feel safe? Are we going to make


  • Employee temp logs (no names of course) available upon request
  • Are we going to have to disclose how many employees have tested positive for COVID and when?
  • Will consumers want to know what chemicals we are using to ensure the chemicals are CDC Approved and not on the CDC Avoid list?


This is one of my articles that will raise more questions than answers but we need to ask those questions now because as an industry we will find the answers but as in any business the person that finds the answers first will have a distinct advantage.

So you/we need to keep moving and innovating because this is the beginning and we have a long way to go.




California Food Handler, Texas Food Handler, Arizona Food Handler, Illinois BASSET

ACE Food Handler's food handlers card training and test uses the latest instructional design techniques to help you retain food safety concepts so you are ready to work.

The description below applies to most of our  food handlers card training course, however due to the varying array of requirements across the nation, your course might be a little different. Find your state county and city above to learn more about food handler training for your area.

Format: Online
Compatible Devices:  Phones, tablets, laptops, desktops
Teaching Methods: Videos, audio, text slides, interactive activities
Available Languages: English and some courses are available in Spanish
Choose your language after purchase.
Length: Approximately 90 minutes

ACE Food Handler’s food handlers card course is approved by numerous state, county, and city  health departments and/or regulatory agencies nationwide. ACE Food Handler holds the ANSI Certificate Program Accreditation (ASTM e2659-2015) Accreditation ID 1234.

The purpose of the food handlers card training and test is to prepare food handlers to enter the workforce by providing the required food safety information as specified by regulations of the workers’ state, county, or city government.

This food handler training and test will prepare you to become a responsible food handler, with the added responsibility of protecting the health of the general public and all the customers you serve.

Food Handler Course Content:

  • Food Safety Definitions
  • Food Safety Behaviors
  • Approved Reputable Suppliers
  • Proper Holding and Cooking Temperatures
  • Consumer Advisories
  • Food Safety Illnesses and Hygiene
  • Food Safety Cross Contamination
  • Proper Thawing and Cooling Techniques
  • Wash-Rinse-Sanitize
  • Food  Handlers and Pest Control





Frequently Asked Questions

What is a food handlers card?

A food handlers card (also commonly referred to as a certificate, card, or permit)  is used as  documentation to prove to employers and/or health departments that you have completed a food safety course that is approved and/or recognized by your city, coutny, or state Health Authority. It is valid for 2 to 4 years depending on your local government requirments.

When do I need to get my food handlers card?

This varies by employeers and city, county, and state governements. It is best to ask your employer (current or future) or Local Health Authority about when you will need to aquire your food handler card based on your employement date.

Is this food handler training and test valid in my area?

ACE Food Handler works with numberjous health departments and regulatory agencies across the country.  ACE Food Handler’s food handlers card courses are created to meet the requirements of specific city, coutny, and state requirements. If you have questions about your city, county or state requirements please call your employer (current or future) and/or you Local Health Authority.

What do I get when I finish this course?

A food handlers card, permit, or certificate for your area. You will be able to print or download your food handler certificate after you have received a passing score on the final exam. You will also be emailed a PDF a copy of your certificate to the email address you provided so please check your inbox and/or spam box also. 

How long is my food handlers card valid for?
Your ACE Food Handler Card is valid for 2 to 4 years depending on your local government requirments.
How do I renew my food handlers card?
If your food handlers card, certicate, or permit has expired, you will need to purchase a new course for your state and retake your states food handler training and test to get our new card.  Click here to find your State.

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Renew Certificate

If your food handlers card, certificate, or permit has expired, you will need to purchase a new course for your state and retake your states food handler training and test to get your new card. Click here to find your State

Reprint Certificate

If you need to reprint your current card, login and go to the Start My Course. From there, you can click on the name of your Certificate under the heading "My Certificates"  on the right hand side of the screen and print or download your food handler or alcohol seller/server card or certificate for free.

Reorder Certificate
Some Sates require an additional official documentation from your Local Health Department or Alcohol Control Board. If you have lost the card you received from your state, county, Local Health Department, or State Alcohol Control Board  you will need to call that specific department to obtain a new card, permit, or certificate.

If you need to track your employees or restaurants food handler certifications we offer:

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