Underage drinking is a considered a criminal offense in many states across the USA. It is the responsibility of restaurants and bars to ensure that no underage person enters the premises. Bar and restaurant owners frequently revise their new security policies to keep underage youngsters away. However, some youngsters try to forge identity documents in order to gain access. It is the responsibility of bars to improve their security measures and enhance their efficacy.

Checking Identity:

It is the responsibility of bar staff to check the identity of drinkers before permitting them to enter the bar premises. If any of them gets the entry, the bar may face huge regulatory consequences. It is recommended to check IDs at the entrance. IDs should be checked in an efficient manner to ensure that the staff can identify any false ID card. Staff should be well-trained to identify fake IDs.

Staff at bars may sometimes omit checking the ID thoroughly. It usually happens during peak hours when the bar is full of customers. No matter how busy is the staff and management, they should carefully check the identity to avoid making any mistakes. If your bar or restaurant has multiple entry doors, keep a check on all of them. This will ensure that underage drinkers don’t get entry inside the bar.

Implement a Drinking System:

Implement an effective drinking system in your bar or restaurant. Use stamps or bands to identify people above the specified age limit. You can’t prohibit youngsters from entering the restaurants for meals. However, introducing identification bands helps staff ensure that no underage person is drinking inside your restaurant.

Implement Laws:

Make sure that the employees at your restaurant or bar follow the rules. Be strict in order to ensure that they don’t let an underage person enter the premises just because they are their friends. Train the staff to strictly deal with underage drinkers who try to breach the laws. It is extremely important for the reputation of your business. Thorough checking of IDs ensures that no one gets entry without permission. The Surgeon General has made a call to action to prevent and reduce underage drinking.

Alcohol Certification:

Alcohol certification is a voluntary course essential for businesses. The certification has multiple levels reserved for staff and management of bars and restaurants. The training programs target owners, managers, servers and sellers. The certificate stays valid for a limited time period. The courses train the staff at a restaurant or bar to prevent underage drinking.

Alcohol certification course is composed of five major components: server/seller training, signage, owner/manager training, new employee orientation, and affidavit request. Alcohol certification meets the requirements of all businesses. Different components target different employees. The certification course trains them to run the business in an efficient manner.

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