New York Alcohol Training

New York Alcohol Training

A bartending job is generally considered as thrilling and exciting. It, therefore, entices many people into leaving their full time job to become a professional bartender in New York. Training Awareness helps in becoming an expert at what you do. A bartender needs to be good at his job and able to efficiently communicate with customers. There are various factors that play a role in pursuing a successful bartending career. Let’s have a look at some of them.

·        Customer Dealing:

Bartenders have to deal with customers on a regular basis. They need to be patient with their customers and make drinks as per their liking. It often gets extremely hectic during rush hours. No matter how busy you are, you have to deal with customers without being rude or angry.

You will come across different types of customers during your bartending career. You ought to treat them equally. Customers often get drunk. Talk to them politely no matter how bad your day is going. It is also a recommended practice to manage a smile upon arrival of a customer. Similarly, thank them when they are leaving. Even if some of them leave a small tip, you should keep your emotions under control. Training prepares you for handling difficult customers and how to see when a person should not be served any more alcohol.

·        Strong Memory:

A pro bartender is required to have a strong memory. Memorizing classic cocktail recipes will help you in the long run. A majority of your customers may order top cocktails such as Martini, Brooklyn, Daiquiri, Jack Rose, Mint Julep and many more. Remembering the recipes will enable you to prepare their orders efficiently, in no time.

During rush hours, you have to prepare multiple drinks at a time. Make sure that you remember them to avoid making any mistakes in orders. Moreover, try to remember the names and favorite drinks of your regular customers to leave a good impression. The more satisfied the customer is, the higher tips you will receive. Additional training will support confidence.

·        Money Handling:

Cash handling is one of the major jobs a bartender has to perform. You should count cash quickly and ensure that the customer doesn’t pay more or less than the due amount. Bartenders usually have minimum wages. However, they make up for it with the help of tips. Avoid asking for tips and accept whatever the customer is paying.

Maintain professionalism and work with confidence to keep customers happy. The New York Alcohol Training Awareness Program will help to build skills necessary to perform well as a bartender in New York.

·        Time Management:

As a bartender, you have to manage time and quickly carry out all tasks. Take orders from multiple customers and prepare them simultaneously. You won’t have to spend much time if some of them have similar orders. Use both your hands to carry out different tasks in tandem. It will save you time and ensure that your customers don’t get irritated due to unnecessary delay.


This program helps licensees to comply with the Alcohol Beverage Control Laws, and emphasize how to stop underage drinking and sales to intoxicated persons. Our goal is to provide a safe environment at licensed establishments as well as preserve the health, safety and welfare of the citizens in our communities.

Ace Food Handler offers training courses for bartenders. RAMP certification enables bartenders to avoid accidents, and keep their customers from getting intoxicated. Moreover, they can also ensure that no underage person tries to drink in the bar. It also trains them on how to deal with customers in a professional way.