California Food Handler

California Food Handler

Restaurant managers have a huge role in training food handlers, alcohol servers, and kitchen staff. The restaurant manager is responsible in ensuring customer satisfaction throughout the dining experience. Not to mention managing direct staff responsible for the daily operations of the restaurant, and managing the business to ensure it is profitable. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, food service managers work 13 or more hours per day. Learning how to become a great restaurant manager will only help you develop personally and professionally. Here are some tips to become a rock-star manager:

  1. Develop the Team

Avoid operating in crisis mode. Train the team to be effective and empower each team member to navigate through challenges. This will allow a great manager to delegate and focus on bigger issues. Each team member should go through proper food handler training and held accountable to personal roles. 

  1. Remain Focused on Objectives

Learn to bounce back from distractions. A manager will be pulled away from the real work to handle problems. This should reduce by developing the team but will still happen. A rock-star restaurant manager will be able to delegate and determine which fires need to be addressed by the manager and which can be handled by a responsible member of the team. To remain effective, a restaurant manager must be proactive and disciplined to remain focused on the key objectives to make the restaurant successful. 

  1. Set the Team’s Tempo

Lead by example. Jump in when it’s needed and resolve problems with urgency and tact. Set the team’s tempo by commanding high standards from the team and yourself. Do not be afraid to be tough but remain sensitive to the team dynamic, relationship, and the needs of people. Even the greatest restaurant manager will be the first to arrive and the last to leave.

  1. Promote Company Values

A great restaurant manager knows their actions are on display to the staff. This is why it is so important for the manager to promote the company culture and core values. A great manager will remain transparent and support the staff through open communication through staff meetings and positive encouragement. It is important to communicate important things by communicating with shifts and keeping the team up to speed on any changes. 

  1. Focus on Customer Service

The customer is your business. An effective restaurant manager will know the regular and remember their names, drink preferences, and other details. They will make sure the team is alert to the needs and requests a regular customer makes. 

It takes a special persona to be a successful restaurant manage and a strong individual to be the rock-star manager. An effective manager will be able to crush tasks, remain focused on priorities, and have a sixth sense about issues and staff. You have a major factor in the success or failure of a restaurant. Follow these tips to get the most out of your staff and your profits.

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