Texas Food Handler Restaurant Host

Texas Food Handler Restaurant Host

A host or hostess represents your restaurant to new and seasoned diners alike. A great meal isn’t the only thing your restaurant is known for; good service, ambiance and most importantly, hospitality, are also factors that guarantee your success.

The job of a host is a demanding one. Dealing with impatient or unhappy diners, graciously handling stressful events in the dining room and keeping a positive façade at all times can be challenging.

Here are some qualities to help you shortlist the candidates:

1.    People Skills

A good host should be adept in handling all sorts of people. Look for candidates who have experience working with large crowds – they’ll be well equipped with the social skills to deal with all sorts of diners that come your way.

These are exactly the skills that will help people feel invited.

2.    Communication Skills

Look for applicants who work well under stress, have the ability to confidently convey their point, and are also good listeners. A host should be well spoken and composed.

Non-verbal communication skills like tone, presentation, word choice and a pro-active attitude are also characteristics to consider.

3.    Charismatic Personality

Hire someone with charisma and a likable character. A host is one of the most important experiences in a restaurant – a good experience with one will keep diners coming back and create restaurant rapport.

Customer engagement should be an important goal for your business. A charismatic person is just the person to help you achieve this!

4.    Team Player

Hire a host that will get along with the rest of the team. Being able to multi-task, take up the slack when there is staff shortage, and being able to effectively communicate with colleagues are must-have characteristics.

5.    Polished Demeanor

Although this may not be a top priority, but having a host who looks presentable, neat and clean is very telling of your restaurant’s standards. Hire someone who can represent your restaurant in its best light.

Restaurants should always put their best foot forward – check out ACE Food Handler for amazing training programs for your staff and the New ACE Food Handler Job Board.

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