Illinois BASSET Certification

Illinois BASSET Certification


Bartending can be a fun occupation if you love the night life. The tips are amazing, customers are friendly and loyal, and as the night goes on, the job gets even more exciting. Not to mention those bar tricks! The State of Illinois requires you take a BASSET Training Class if you are going to be serving alcoholic beverages as part of your job.



Here are some tips to help you bring your A-game to your bartending feat:

1.     Be Clean, Be Cute

No one likes sitting at dirty counter tops, and you definitely don’t want salt crystals stuck to your forearms when you’re pushing drinks towards the customers. An efficient bartender keeps their work station clean and looks the part too – you want to look fun and welcoming!

2.     Pro at Pressure

With music blaring and throngs of thirsty customers clamoring for their order, a great bartender keeps their cool, works fast, and doesn’t cave into pressure. This means being a pro at organizing orders, quick on their feet and always smiling!

3.     Presentation

A great bartender has a wacky and innovative mind. They know just how to jazz up a boring gin and tonic to keep the customers laughing and asking for more – it could be some secret ingredient or presentations skills that helps them add some oomph to their customer’s glass.

4.     Vigilant

A boss bartender is supposed to be vigilant at all times. This mean knowing when to cut off a super drunk customer, when to call them a cab, and keeping an organized tab running for a good many customers at one time. A great bartender also keeps a hawk-eye out for trouble makers, too!

With these simple tricks, you’re sure to ace your night at the bar tonight! Get certified at this awesome place to begin your cool career as a bartender!

IDPH Chicago Headquarters Offices
122 S. Michigan Avenue, 7th and 20th Floors
Chicago, IL  60603


Responsible Alcohol Vendor Programs available in some states are free, self-monitoring programs that rewards retail licensees who take positive steps to prevent the sale and service of alcohol to minors and visibly intoxicated persons.

Retail licensees may apply for these programs through their State Liquor Boards if they have a beer, wine or spirits retail license.


State of Washing MAST
State of Pennsylvania RAMP
State of Illinois BASSET
State of Texas TABC
State of New York
State of Louisiana Responsible Vendor




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