California Food Handler CardThe restaurant stars its quality food by using the best ingredients and fresh produce.  Chefs in California have even gone as far as to have produce sources shipped to them from other countries to keep up their standard!

Here are some basics to make sure your pantry is stocked with the best nutrients!


There are certain rules for getting the best fruit. Here’s how you can judge the quality.


A ripe fruit will smell sweet and fruity. When it reaches that stage, it is the perfect time to use it.


Squeezing the fruit will help you gauge the firmness of the skin and pulp. You want them to be soft but not mushy and too hard.


Fruit contains tons of water and fiber. A ripe fruit will weigh heavier than an unripe one, so grab two of the same kind and weigh in both hands.

Skin Quality

The skin of a fruit will be very telling of its health. If you see discolorations, cracks, bruises and non-uniformity of color, it is best to put it back in the basket!

The Whole Stock

Checking the crate/basket from top to bottom will give you an idea if the produce is fresh or old!


Veggies are quick to decay, hence a trained eye is important when picking out the freshest stock.


Fresh veggies will have a vibrant and consistent color. A little bit of green could imply that it’s not ripe and hints of brown indicate that it should be put right back!


The freshest vegetables have crisp and fresh skin. If it snaps when you break it, it’s the best to use!


Almost all veggies have leaves, so check for vibrant and perky leaves on your veggies!

With this fool-proof guide, you’ll be well on your way to picking the best ingredients for your restaurant!


More detailed information about food safety can be found at FoodSafety.Gov and at the FDA US Food and Drug Administration website.


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