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California Food Handler Card: What Is It?

Having a California Food Handler Card, also known as a food handler card or food handler’s license, is an assurance to serve food to the public in a healthy manner in California and the US.

Food Handlers Card is a legal requirement in California, and government may impose fines and other sanctions if you don’t have one. However, a food safety course and a test are prerequisites for obtaining a food handler’s card in California. Getting a food handlers license:

  1.  It is quick, simple, and inexpensive.
  2. A two-hour course usually costs less than twenty dollars.
  3.  Available in both online and in-person modes.

Ace Food Handler offers food safety training, which is slightly different from the others. However, our Food Handlers course covers the following topics:

  1. Allergens
  2. Cross-contamination
  3. Cleaning methods that are up to code
  4. Food hygiene is a matter of common sense.
  5. Using the correct food storage methods
  6. Personal hygiene habits that are safe and effective

In most cases, you can retake the exam three times after taking a course. To retake the test, you’ll have to retake the course first. You’ll receive your California Food Handler Card after passing the exam.

ACE Food Handlers’ California Food Handler Card Program is Approved and ANSI Accredited

If you will be serving alcohol in your California Restaurant you will also need to take an RBS Training Program.

California RBS Training Program Approved Training Provider

California RBS Training Program Approved Training Provider

Serving alcohol responsibly is a critical aspect of the hospitality industry in California. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or looking to enter the field, California Responsible Beverage Service (RBS) training is essential. In California, it will soon be mandatory for all licensed establishments to serve alcoholic beverages on-premise. The legislation enacting this mandatory measure takes effect on July 1, 2022. Any alcohol server or manager who is not licensed is subject to fines and other consequences.

Once you’ve registered for a class, some of the topics you can expect to learn about are:

  • Dangers of serving minors
  • Dangers of over-serving patrons
  • How to reduce alcohol-related harm

Upon completing the RBS training course, you must successfully pass California Alcohol and Beverage Control’s (ABC) examination within 60 days. This training mandate will impact approximately one million workers throughout California.

At ACE, we offer RBS training entirely online for only $12. Sign up today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to do RBS training?

Suppose you have an “on-premises” license to sell alcohol in your establishment or serve alcohol in a licensed establishment. In that case, a new hire must complete RBS certification within sixty days of their start date.

What is the difference between the RBS and LEAD programs?

According to the ABC, RBS, or responsible beverage service, trains workers serving alcohol at licensed locations in skills that help reduce alcohol-induced harm within their communities. RBS is mandatory as of July 1, 2022. Whereas LEAD, which stands for Licensee Education on Alcohol and Drugs, is voluntary and teaches practical knowledge on responsible serving and preventive information to reduce drug use in establishments.

How much is the exam?

The exam costs $3 and is offered in English and Spanish.

Does RBS certification expire?

Yes. An RBS certification expires after three years, and it must be renewed before expiration for it to remain valid.

California RBS Resources

California RBS Training

The California Department of Public Health Food Handler’s Card

 The California Department of Public Health Food Handler’s Card The state of California recommends that individuals work in restaurants and non-restaurant facilities to complete food handing training. A California food handler card is valid everywhere in California except in Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego counties which have pre-existing local food handler card programs. Consult with the local enforcement agencies in each of these counties to obtain information on their local food handler programs and requirements. Once you have finished your course, you may print out your certificate of completion. This certificate will serve as your California Food Handler’s Card that qualifies you to work in the food service industry in California.

More Details

California food workers who handle food must have a California Food Handler card on file with their employer within 30 days of hire. To get your card, you must complete the training and pass the exam with a 75 percent or higher. You can complete the training online with ACE Food Handler. Ace Food Handler training and final exam meets the requirements of California’s food safety law SB 602 and is ANSI Approved.   12-20-2017 . California Department of Public Health – Food and Drug Branch 1500 Capitol Ave, MS 7602 Sacramento, CA 95814


California Food Handler

California Department of Public Health – Food and Drug Branch

1500 Capitol Ave, MS 7602

Sacramento, CA 95814

California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control District Office 2400 Del Paso Road, Suite 155 Sacramento CA, 95834


(916) 419-1319

California RBS Training Program Approved Training Provider

California RBS Training Program Approved Training Provider



California Food Handler Card -  California Alcohol RBS -  or the Combo

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Food Handler Card
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Alcohol RBS


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ACE Food Handler offers Corporate Accounts for small or large operations to help you stay compliant.

Here are a few of the highlights.

  • Corporate Pricing per Employee
  • Courses is available in English and Spanish
  • No set-up cost for Custom Portals
  • Global Corporate access
  • Store level access
  • Certificates are immediately emailed to Employee, Store, and/or HR department as needed upon course completion.
  • Print or Download your employee’s certificates
  • Custom branding with your logo
  • All of the features work the same regardless if the employee pays for the course of employer.
  • Custom coupon codes (example   your company 1234)
  • Monthly billing available

The process is simple.   Hand your new hires a coupon code for ACE Food Handler.  The employee purchases the course using the code and completes the course.  The employee is now listed under their store and the store manager or your HR department can download or print the certificate for their file.

ACE Food Handler will eliminate the time required for an employee who takes a Food Handler or Alcohol Course to print and bring in their certificate because you will already have access to their certificate and they can start work sooner.

Contact us so we can create a solution for your operation.

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