Arizona Food Handler

Arizona Food Handler

Arizona Food handler training and alcohol server seller certifications are extremely important. Establishment managers and owners should take note of why training servers is vital to the bottom line. If you are a server, you should be aware of the benefits of proper training. The impact to servers, establishments, and customers can be severe and training is the best way to prevent loss of revenue, fines, legal issues, and sometimes death.

Food Handlers

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported over 90% of all illnesses reported could be preventable with proper training to ensure food handlers know how to follow safe food practices.  Did you know there are 31 known food-borne pathogens? In the United States, the top five pathogens contributing to domestically acquired food-borne illnesses resulting in death are: Salmonella, Toxoplasma gondii, Listeria monocytogenes, Norovirus, and Campylobacter spp. These are all preventable through proper training and awareness.

What is a Food Handler Certificate?

Most states require a Food Handler Card due to the seriousness and dangers to the public from unsafe food handling practices. This usually involves a successful completion of a food handling course. A food handler course will cover topics such as:

  • Food Safety
  • Food-borne Diseases
  • Food Spoilage
  • Contamination
  • Sanitizing
  • Food and Temperature Control
  • Food Receiving and Storage
  • Bio-hazards
  • Pest Control
  • Preventing Food Contamination
  • Many other topics pertaining to food safety

Alcohol Server Sellers

Every day, 29 people in the United States die in motor vehicle crashes that involve an alcohol-impaired driver. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates an average of 1 alcohol-impaired-driving fatality occurs every 50 minutes.

What is an Alcohol Server Seller Certificate?

As with a food handler certificate, most states require an Alcohol Server Seller Card due to the risk to the establishment, the bartender, and to the public. If bartenders are not certified, they can make costly mistakes that will affect their own careers or bear a negative impact to the establishment. A proper Alcohol Server Seller course can reduce risks to all parties involved in an alcohol transaction. Training will cover topics such as:

  • Laws Concerning Minors and Seller/Servers
  • How to Check Identification
  • When and How to Say No to Minors
  • Understand the Effects of Alcohol
  • A.C. Legal Limits
  • Intervention Techniques for Intoxicated Customers
  • Understanding Liability to the Bartender, Server, and Establishment
  • Many other topics pertaining to alcohol responsibility and safety

As you can see, the importance of training all restaurant staff is critical. Proper training and procedures can prevent illness, death, and loss of reputation. If you are opening a new establishment, check with your city and state for all requirements regarding training and certifications. Next, find an accredited training provider. Make sure the training provider is reputable. Online training is a fast, convenient way to complete required education.

Ace Food Handler offers food handling and alcohol seller server certifications for professionals. The certificates offered are accredited. You can also take online courses and choose any language from English and Spanish. Contact them today to get your certificate at a low fee.